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My Story Your Story His Story ​​​​​​​​ is a MemoryJournaling book. The reader is encouraged to write their own story from memories prompted by the author's personal story. The Foreword is written by Governor Mike Huckabee.

Tenth Anniversary Edition of
My Story Your Story His Story
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The Lincoln Collection is a set of three books about the beloved President and
are featured in the bookstore at Abraham Lincoln's State Park in New Salem, Illinois.​

Walking with Abraham in Illinois 
​He was a simple yet complex man, blessed with multiple gifts and in spite of misfortune, disappointments, tragedy, and a nation at war with itself, he stood firm in his convictions with resolve, humility and a sense of humor. Think not of the legend because the legend is not as dynamic as this real man, a man who experienced great heartache, sorrow, rejection, ridicule and failure. Yet he stands head and shoulders (historically and in many cases physically) above others in history. The struggle at times over took him and, if he had chosen, could have destroyed him. It was hard. It was unpleasant. At times, it was heartbreaking. Thankfully, he stayed on course.
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Comforting a Nation

President Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated on Good Friday, April 12, 1865. As the news spread across the nation, pastors knew their Easter Sunday Message must change. The nation was plunged into mourning and as they entered places of worship on Sunday, they needed a Word from the Lord. They needed comfort. Many sermons and orations marked the occasion of President Lincoln's death on Easter Sunday, April 14, 1865. These sermons by prominent pastors of the day are representative the multitudes who brought comfort to a grieving nation.

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​Funny Man Abraham

Much has been written about Abraham Lincoln. Almost every account of him makes note of his tremendous sense of humor. Lincoln loved laughter. If he or anyone else could make him the brunt of any joke, all the better. He loved the sound of others laughing. Perhaps it was his simple ordinariness, which put people at ease. Often in conversation he would swing his long leg over the arm of the chair and speak in commonplace language. It was hard to be awed in the presence of Lincoln; he was approachable, human, and simple. He would use humor to disarm opposition, or gain good will. Humor was a safety valve for him. Otherwise, he would have been crushed by all he had to deal with daily.​​

$12.95         ebook $1.99

 Larry Toller is the pastor at Chapel of the South Fork, South Fork, Colorado. He has served in pastoral positions in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas.  Prior to coming to Illinois in 2000, he was a policy adviser on staff with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He has also served in business administration positions at the Arkansas Baptist Children's Home, Monticello, Arkansas, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.